Have you ever wondered about the most important information we gather during a guest’s consultation?

Is it the color of their hair? The condition of their scalp? Or how much they spend on shampoo? No.

It’s who you are as a person. It’s how you live your life. And it’s your unique quirks! That’s why Sarah starts your consultation process and Celleste analyzes it.


This is why we invest time to consult with you before your service. By understanding your hair history, learning about your quirks, and having fun, we see you! Your hair is a way to reflect how you see yourself, and all that matters is that you are authentic to you. It is important to us that you get the look you want and the education to maintain it.


Style Theory offers affordable luxury treatments in an environment focused on helping our clients relax. At Style Theory, details make the difference. Style Theory’s hair artists are problem solvers who specialize in treatments to repair damaged hair and in working with your unique bone structure to create styles that suit your individual needs. We bring passion, education, authenticity, inspiration and empowerment to our job everyday so our clients can leave looking like their best selves.

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